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A high-school design and drafting class sparked Sandro’s interest in engineering. As he explains, “I was really intrigued with the idea of turning my drive for art and design into a medium that allowed me to use my hands and see things get built!” As his engineering career progressed, Sandro was introduced to another field that inspires him. “The Science & Technology market sector has given me a great appreciation for the sciences,” says Sandro. “Incredible inventions and innovations have been developed out of research environments we helped to create. Architecture and engineering have an incredibly important role to play in developing the next new medical breakthrough or defending against pandemic outbreaks around the world.” From a childhood in New York City, Sandro now seeks out nature in his free time. “My wife and I enjoy visiting national parks, camping, canoeing, hiking, biking…just about anything that includes physical activity and brings us close to the outdoors,” he says.