The Steel City. The ‘Burgh. The City of Bridges. A city with such a rich identity is the perfect place for a firm that offers so many different perspectives to solve complex urban issues. Our presence in Pittsburgh embraces SmithGroup’s brand promise to Design a Better Future, aligning our local experts and national expertise with a community that creates opportunities to drive innovation, sustainability and education together.

Our team is deeply connected and committed to the community, with ties to Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, Urban Redevelopment Authority, and the city’s Riverlife and Envision Downtown technical committees. From designing major innovation districts to sustainable built environments, our diverse team consists of architects, engineers and lighting designers that specialize in sustainable design, higher education, health, and science and technology. This team has worked on some of the city’s most progressive projects including, Hazelwood Green, the Pittsburgh Downtown Mobility Plan, the Pitt Sustainability & Climate Action Plans, and Duquense Light’s Smart Electric Energy Districts amongst others.

Pittsburgh Company Culture SmithGroup
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SmithGroup’s international expertise in the Higher Education, Healthcare, Urban Design and Science and Technology markets offers a strong synergy with Pittsburgh’s transition into an innovation economy and an inclusive, connected city for all.  Our presence here, and our ability to bridge to our subject matter experts across the firm, presents many opportunities to deepen our relationships in the city in the coming years.