Katrina Kelly-Pitou

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“My personal mission is to take the politics out of climate change mitigation, and develop win-wins for the environment as well as the economy,” says Katrina. “I want to help our society more boldly challenge existing notions of what we think of as ‘infrastructures’ or ‘development’ and use our capacity as creative beings to design the spaces that we really want and really need for the future.” One of the reasons she wanted to join SmithGroup was “to be able to work with such an experienced group of practitioners across a variety of disciplines coming together to aggregate that vision.” A dual-passport holder, Katrina tries to translate the designs that have driven European reconstruction into the heart of American urban redevelopment. Katrina certainly does her part, a zealous speaker, writer and lecturer on smart and sustainable cities. With a background in both economics and engineering systems, Katrina is passionate about creating a deeper connection between social and technological development and tries to bring excitement about the environment into all aspects of her life. Around Pittsburgh, look for Katrina on her Junto electric bicycle. “It’s a great example of how a sustainable decision is simply the most fun decision as well! I keep my gas mileage low, dodge traffic quickly, and get to feel like I’m riding a Quidditch broom to work all at the same time.” When not working, Katrina enjoys sampling “the original bests” of nature—beaches, wine, and food—with her husband.