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When Francie was in high school, her architect uncle led her through a Yale library that he had designed. “I got excited about how much he had to learn about libraries to design and build one,” she recalls. “I couldn’t think of anything more fun than learning something new every day and turning it into a building.” Now Francie’s the one spending time learning about her higher education clients, and it seems her teenage instincts were spot on. “I literally can’t imagine doing anything else,” she says. “Architecture is the perfect combination of creativity, artistry, analysis, intuition and rational thinking.” Francie grew up on the East Coast and, despite fond ties to California—for generations, her family has spent summers at their Sonoma County cabin on the Russian River—she never imagined settling in Los Angeles. “L.A. was not part of my consciousness, but I couldn’t love it more than I do,” she gushes. “Residents can find, do and be anything they want here. Endless possibilities.”