Jennifer Miller

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  • Jennifer Miller Ann Arbor SmithGroup Business Development

With a background in both art and business, Jennifer says “I can bring creativity or I can dive into the data. I’m equally comfortable on a blank canvas or in a complicated Excel spreadsheet.” That makes business development a perfect fit, and Jen particularly enjoys her focus on Campus Planning and Urban Design. “I love being a partner in such nuanced, interconnected and people-focused markets,” she explains. “We have an opportunity to make real, positive impacts on our communities and our environment if we keep thinking creatively and pushing hard.” Jen counters that enterprising work ethic with the calming effect of the natural world. “When I travel, I seek out remote and wild places—camping, backpacking, hiking, anything in or on the water,” she notes. “The slower pace, the physical work and the focus on just the basics keeps me grounded.”