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"I’m a sucker for impossible journeys," admits Gregg, explaining his fascination with early North American explorers like Lewis and Clark and Jacques Marquette. "They faced huge unmapped expanses, all signs saying ‘turn back,’ and they had the sheer will to press on and adapt." No surprise, then, that Gregg thrives on the challenges thrown in his path when charting new courses for the firm. "An ‘unsolvable’ problem or the words, ‘we always do it this way’ are rally cries for the designer in me," he acknowledges. "It’s a great day if I’m covered with blue pencil or marker at the center of a collaborative, impromptu design jam." Gregg sees many parallels between his profession and music composition. "Music is my primary personal escape, but I’ve only scratched the surface," he says. "I’d love to reach a comparable level of success as a musician as I’ve been fortunate to achieve in the design industry." 

Chicago Park District South Lakefront Framework Plan Charette

Gregg discusses how SmithGroup worked with the community to create the Chicago Park district South Lakefront Framework Plan.