Wayne Barger

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  • Dallas, TX
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For Wayne, the design profession is all about teamwork. Leading our Health market, he seeks to invest in and "develop the talent in our health studios through greater communication and collaboration." He believes his role is akin to that of a coach, helping not only to promote the advancement of his team but also to find the best ways to collaborate with industry partners and clients. "Early contractor involvement, design-build, integrated project delivery—all of these approaches have altered the way our industry interacts to produce better outcomes for our healthcare clients." Wayne is even a Certified Lean Green Belt, proving he believes strongly in streamlined methods of process and delivery. "I’m a big fan of David Allen’s Getting Things Done organizational system, so you’ll hear me asking ‘What’s the Next Action?’ a lot," says Wayne. In his free time, he is a "committed Trekker" (as in Star Trek)—which fits for Wayne given that Starfleet is a team boldly embarking on new and uncharted missions under the leadership of an enterprising captain. As far as his earthly pursuits, Wayne is a regular golfer and an avid runner and biker.