Stephen Feige

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Early in his architectural career, Stephen worked on public libraries in small New England towns. “It gave me an appreciation for the art of craft and the critical role buildings play in our communities,” he says. “Andrew Carnegie believed that a free public library afforded all people the chance to ‘educate and lift themselves.’ Working on college campuses allows me to make an extraordinary impact on a global level.” Stephen comes from modest roots; he is a first-generation college graduate. He’s grateful when he pauses to reflect on how he spends most of his time on vibrant college campuses, building relationships. “Who knows the impact we'll have when we design a classroom, and the influence any given student will have on the world?” At the core of his work, Stephen’s focus is on people first, architecture second. A carpentry enthusiast and lover of classic cars, Stephen is happiest when doing hands-on work. This extends to how he engages his teams. Stephen’s teammates and clients respect his mindful, steady approach to hands-on problem-solving in any setting. “I’m drawn to underdog stories. Those victories are precious and hard-earned.”