SmithGroup Leveraging 3D Printers to Supply Hospitals with Face Shields

3D Printed SmithGroup Face Shield COVID-19

For several weeks, SmithGroup has been ramping up production of face shields for health professionals treating COVID-19 patients across the country. Offices with 3D printers have been producing the necessary components to meet needs in their area. The local need varies widely from community to community, so SmithGroup is coordinating with healthcare providers to deliver exactly what they need. Designed for comfort and reuse, SmithGroup has produced and donated thousands of face shields nationwide.

In Washington, DC, we have partnered with Open Works Baltimore to supply printed shield components. Open Works assembles, sterilizes and distributes to health systems in need in the Baltimore-Washington region.

In Los Angeles, we have teamed up with the Rancho Research Institute at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center, ArtCenter College of Design and Shieldmakers to make face shield components. Our Southern California team has 3D-printed silicon molds, and are using polyurethane castings to create components in order to maximize production. Health professionals at the Los Angeles Department of Health Services facilities, including Rancho Los Amigos, and other areas hospital systems are receiving face shields cast from our Los Angeles production site.

LA Face Shield Molds 3D Print COVID-19

In Detroit, we are printing and assembling face shields, and are providing assembled shields to area health systems.

In Chicago, we are printing and assembling face shields. Health professionals at Northwestern Medicine are receiving assembled face shields from our Chicago team.

In San Francisco, we are printing and assembling face shields, and are providing assembled shields to a number of health systems and clinics throughout the Bay Area.

3D Printed Face Shield Single SmithGroup COVID-19
Los Angeles Completed Face Shield with Decal COVID-19 SmithGroup
Washington DC Face Shields in 3D Printer COVID-19 SmithGroup
Washington DC Face Shield Components Ready for Delivery COVID-19 SmithGroup