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As a landscape architect, Oliver is especially eloquent at describing the potential of public spaces. "They can bring a diversity of people together to exchange ideas, share a civic pride, and build empathy towards our fellow human beings and the planet," he suggests. Oliver sees even greater import in disenfranchised communities. "Public projects, from reimagining streetscapes to restoring stream banks, help bring investment into communities and reconnect people to place. It’s critical for creating a more democratic society." Oliver does his part for the greater good, volunteering on K-12 projects that connect school kids with their local environment. It’s a natural fit for Oliver, who enjoys rock climbing, canoeing and camping with his family, and admires John Muir as "a pioneer who fundamentally changed the way our nation valued the environment." Oliver also finds time to design board games. "I enjoy how games create shared experiences for people," he says, "sort of like public spaces!"