Ivan O’Garro

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“I always credit my mother for helping me find my passion for architecture,” says Ivan. “She saw how much I liked drawing buildings as a 9-year-old and gave me the resources—including my first copy of AutoCAD—to deepen my interest in the field.” Now he pays it forward, mentoring architecture students from Howard University, Kennesaw State and the Savannah College of Art and Design, and using his skills to help and inspire underserved children in Haiti. In his work designing places and spaces for cultural institutions, notes Ivan, “It’s so important to me that the work benefits the institution, society, and the public. I approach each project trying to understand how the place I’m crafting can best reflect the community.” Ivan’s affinity for exploring countries and cultures has spawned a lot of interests, from Moroccan Tagines, cycling, British Premier League soccer, to playing the guitar and cello. “I’m inspired by nature, art, folklore and music,” he explains. “Each strives for perfection, but the imperfections are what make them so beautiful.”