Energy & Environmental Modeling

Through energy modeling, SmithGroup provides owners the information they need to make highly informed investment-grade decisions regarding building systems. Working in conjunction with our architectural and engineering disciplines, the energy modeling group determines the impacts of energy and daylighting in the larger context of the project's ultimate goals. This integrated approach helps the design team make better-informed and more effective decisions, focused on performance from project conception through construction. We are committed to designing a carbon-free future as signatories of the MEP 2040 Challenge and use advanced energy modeling to help our clients achieve net zero operational and embodied carbon. 

DC Water Headquarters SmithGroup

DC Water Headquarters

SmithGroup can recommend measures to meet or exceed the project’s performance goals without compromising quality. We utilize a comprehensive integrated energy, daylighting and thermal modeling approach to evaluate architectural concepts, HVAC systems, lighting, renewable energy and controls alternatives. The team has extensive experience in providing timely and comprehensive whole building energy and daylighting simulations in support of:

+ LEED certification

+ WELL certification

+ DOE Title 10 federal energy compliance

+ Building and system lifecycle cost analysis

+ Measurement & Verification (M&V)

+ Utility incentive and rebate programs

+ Energy code compliance for building permits, including California Title 24

+ Predictive (net zero) design support, and

+ Calibrated (post-occupancy) energy simulation.