Dismantling Barrier to Success: Part II Equity, Diversity & Inclusion: The Data

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Inclusive practices that bring together a range of diverse perspectives yield undeniable benefits. Diverse, inclusive teams outperform homogenous groups and lead to economic growth, increased creativity and innovation, and more effective decision making. How can we utilize data to better inform our decision making when it comes to minimizing barriers to success?

Discussions regarding equity, diversity and inclusion are gaining prominence, but in order to know where we are going, we must first analyze where we have been and where we are currently.

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As educational and professional environments seek to dismantle barriers and promote equitable talent development, our group of panelists presented current data and trends in a variety of industries and discussed how we can derive knowledge and understanding from that data to influence change.

This was Part II of a perspectives event in Detroit from May 2018 where a different panel discussed recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce. During this session, we dove into the data the informs our decisions, and heard from several thought leaders steering the charge to create social, racial, and cultural equity in their fields.